Community – Emergency management paper

Community – Emergency management paper

To begin with, make sure that you provide information (a paragraph or more) that address each of the key areas as laid out in the assignment. The paper should start with a short introduction. This can include some general information about the community lifelines and other ESF categories. It should include you identifying which community lifeline or ESF you have chosen. It should also include the community you have chosen to narrow your research. This can be a large community like Chicago, Omaha, etc. or a county, like Lancaster County. For those ESF that have multiple areas like Health and Medical, I would chose only one area or even maybe one organization. This will make gathering the information easier. Identifying a community should include some general demographic about the community.

There are several methods that can be used to determine threats and hazards within your community. A couple of them are a hazard vulnerability assessment (hva) or threat and hazard identification and risk assessment (thira). While that provides information about risks you also need to understand what resources you have in the community. This can be done several ways. Surveys, historical information like census data, or focus groups. One tool that combines both is the National Risk Index. Just recently released by fema it has risks and vulnerabilities for every community in the country. While there are many types of methodologies make sure you chose one that isn’t too complicated. I included THIRA as an example, and is a great tool, however, the process for rating your threats and risks can be complicated.

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It may be easier to choose the SWOT model for this area. The Stakeholder selection should identify who you think are key players in the community and based on the gaps or issues you identified in your assessment you should identify some specific agencies. This should be more than saying just law enforcement or social services agencies. It should be specific agencies or organization in your chosen community like, Omaha Police Department or Salvation Army. You won’t actually need to talk with the organization just develop a robust list of stakeholders. I might even have a short paragraph with a table of the organizations. The outreach strategy should describe how you plan to communicate with the public or stakeholders so you can get information and collaboration that will allow you as the Emergency Manager to address an unmet need.

Finally you should summarize the assessment, gap and outreach efforts communicating how this would benefit you as the Emergency Manager and the local community in preparing for future disasters.

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