Community Empowerment- Engagement and Health

Community Empowerment, Engagement and Health Education.

To begin with overview In our discipline we find the term advocacy woven into our Scope and Standards of practice and we also see it as a stand-alone term. Secondly how do each of you see your role as an advocate as it pertains to the discipline of nursing and within your scope and standards of practice?. Thirdly how do you see your role in advocating in support of or against population-based community prevention needs?” The ultimate outcome of advocacy…is the ability for individuals, communities, and also systems to act independently. Village engagement and empowerment is designed to accomplish that outcome. In addition to enable communities to identify health problems. Finally take steps to resolve them independently or in concert with health care professionals or others.

Consequently community empowerment prepare communities to deal with their own health problems and also issues” (Clark, p. 240). “Community development may improve health directly by addressing a specific health issues or indirectly through empowering communities to take action to address health issues” (Clark, p. 241). Community empowerment can be implemented through health promotion efforts. Health promotion is defined as “a process that foster’s people’s ability to improve their own health by increasing their control of its determining factors [or the Social Determinant’s of Health]” (Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, World Health Organization [WHO], 1986).In our recent news of a public health crises during an Pandemic, advocacy can include caring for at-risk populations during an outbreak.

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At the end of this module, the student will apply emergency management processes or health promotion models to population health interventions. Objective: At the end of Clark chapter 10 the students should be able to: Discuss the relationship of community empowerment to other similar concepts. Identify levels of community empowerment. Apply models of community empowerment. Describe the process of community empowerment. Apply criteria to evaluate community empowerment. Analyze the role of health care providers in community empowerment. At the end of Clark chapter 11 the students should be able to:1. Firstly define Health Promotion.2. Secondly distinguish between health promotions from health education.

3. Apply selected models for health promotion models.4. Analyze the implications of language and health literacy for health promotion.5. Analyze the implications of language and health literacy for health promotion.6. Discuss the use of social marketing, branding, and tailoring in promoting health.7. Design and implement a health education program for a selected population.

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