Compare and Contrast Fictional Monsters

Compare and Contrast Fictional Monsters

For this Compare and Contrast Paper, you will be comparing and contrasting two iterations of the same or similar fictional monsters from the list at the end of this assignment. As an example, you could compare and contrast Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid to the mermaids in J. K. Rowling’s book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If you want to do a fictional monster NOT on this list, you may ask me for approval. Please be aware that you must have a MINIMUM of 2 secondary sources. On this assignment in addition to the 2 primary sources (e.g., books, movies) that you will be looking at.

As usual, you will need one additional secondary source (for a total of 3). On the Compare and Contrast Annotated Bibliography.  For instance, if you look at Mary Shelley’s version of Frankenstein’s monster next to the one in Young Frankenstein. You will have her book and that movie listed as sources. In addition to those two, you will need TWO more sources cited in your paper and three more sources cited in the annotated bibliography.  Therefore this is essay must have BETWEEN 1250-1750 words. Additionally if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at least 48 hours before the assignment’s due date. You can also send an early draft of the essay to me until 72 hours before the due date for input.

In summary

You MAY use two general mythologies, such as Ancient Asiatic Dragons and Medieval Dragons, but you must have a primary source of research to represent those.  FICTIONAL MONSTERS you can choose from: Vampire Werewolf Shapeshifter Mummy Dragon Merman/Mermaid Ghost/Poltergeist Zombie Bigfoot Orc Frankenstein’s Monster Djinn/Genie Witch/Warlock Centaur Alien Chupacabra Leprechaun Troll Fairy Godzilla

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