Culture – Comparing Youth Subcultures

Comparing two youth sub-culture

Students will be required to explore and discuss regionally distinct yet similar youth cultural subgroups in a research paper. The purpose of this paper is to allow each student the opportunity to identify the historical, social, cultural and environmental aspects of one youth subgroup from a region outside of the United States and to then compare it to a similar subgroup from within the United States. The paper should be at least 10 pages (excluding title page, images, abstract, and bibliography), double-spaced 12-point Arial font, and written in APA format. The paper shall analyze, compare, contrast and discuss the impacts of history, social institutions, environment, and economics on the development of the two youth cultural subgroups they are exploring.

Students will submit a rough draft and have the opportunity to submit a revision.  The paper will specifically provide the following components: Compare and contrast the political climate of each region. Describe the dominant culture in each country/region. Compare and contrast the particular characteristics of each youth subgroup, such as dress, hairstyles, pop culture influences, and social activities. Describe the patterns of behavior present in  each subgroup. Within the context of the social dynamic in which they situate. Discuss the theoretical perspectives that explain societal responses to youth. In each situation and how it shapes what we  treat as deviant and delinquent behaviors among them.

Further Description

1. FRONT PAGE The front page, aka title page, contains an abstract of the report.  In many professional reports, the abstract is titled as the. Executive Summary” which gives you a good idea of what it should contain i.e  culture. In this case talk of the sub culture.  For our purposes, it should have six parts, written as one or more sentences. Purpose, key results, the most significant point of the discussion, and the major conclusion.  Since the abstract is normally a single paragraph of 100-200 words, each part can be no more than three or four sentences.  As a start, look at the topical sentence in each paragraph of your report.  In addition the purpose of the abstract is to enable readers to decide whether they need to read the entire report.  Thus, the abstract should include key words,   especially when referring to theories, findings, or conclusions.

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