conflict between nurses in a care delivery setting-research

Paper on conflict between nurses in a care delivery setting.

In this assignment, you are required to write on a conflict between nurses in a care delivery setting.  It should have  5-7 pages, not including the title or References pages. Identify a recurring conflict with the potential to negatively impact patient care. This should be from your practice setting or pre licensure experiences. Also, provide details of what happened, including who was involved and what was said. clearly explain where it occurred and what was the outcome that led you to decide the conflict was unresolved. Importantly,review and discuss the four stages of conflict as found in Finkelman. Then,identify and explain how the stages of conflict relate to the example in your workplace. Do not use direct quotes. In addition to the above, discus the following stages of conflict.

First and foremost, the latent conflict. This stage involves the anticipation of conflict. Competition for resources or inadequate communication can be predictors of conflict. Anticipating conflict can increase tension. This is when staff may verbalize, “We know this is going to be a problem,” or may feel this internally. The anticipation of conflict can occur between units that accept one another’s patients. When one unit does not think that the staff members on the other unit are very competent. Yet they must accept orders and patient plans from them. Secondly,the perceived conflict. This stage requires recognition or awareness that conflict exists at a particular time. It may not be discussed but only felt. Perception is very important as it can affect whether or not there really is a conflict.

Paper on conflict between nurses in a care delivery setting.

What is known about the conflict, and how it might be resolved. Thirdly,the felt conflict. This occurs when individuals begin to have feelings about the conflict such as anxiety or anger. Staff feel stress at this time. The use of avoidance at this time,  may prevent the conflict from moving to the next stage. Avoidance may be appropriate in some circumstances. But,sometimes it just covers over the conflict and does not resolve it. In this case the conflict may come up again and be more complicated. Trust plays a role here. How much do staff trust that the situation will be resolved effectively? How comfortable do staff members feel in being open with their feelings and opinions? Last but not the least, we ave the manifest conflict. This is overt conflict.

At this time the conflict can be constructive or destructive. Examples of destructive behavior related to the conflict are ignoring a policy and denying a problem.  Avoiding a staff member and discussing staff in public with negative comments. Examples of constructive responses to the conflict include encouraging the team to identify and solve the problem. Expressing appropriate feelings and offering to help out a staff member. Later,describe how you would collaborate with a nurse leader to reach consensus, on  the best strategy to deal with the conflict. Besides the textbook, the paper needs to summarize conflict resolutions from two scholarly articles. Also describe the rationale for selecting the best strategy. Finally,provide a summary or conclusion about this experience or assignment and how you may deal with.

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