connecting to a Strayed Theme

connecting to a Strayed Theme



Requirements: 1. There is a list of at least ten themes, all of which are established in Strayed’s Wild. Review that list. Choose one theme that is of interest to you and of which you personally understand. Your personal understanding likely derived from an experience that you have with the theme; in other words, your connection to this theme existed before ever reading Wild and/or hearing of Cheryl Stayed. Your personal connection to your chosen theme will be the focus of your essay. You will largely write in the first person (“I”), much in the same way Strayed did when sharing her story of her journey. 2. By the time this essay is due, our reading of Wild will be complete. You will work with the entire novel to establish your chosen theme as a Strayed theme.

This means you are required—required—to quote Strayed at least three times, weaving her words into your story of personal connection with the goals of 1) proving your chosen theme is, indeed, a theme established by Strayed, 2) proving you know how to academically cite the work of another author, and 3) proving you can sensibly place a quote that supports your point(s). 3. Strayed will not be the only source you work with. You are required—required—to locate, academically apply, and cite the work of at least one secondary source. Yes, you may use the Internet, but any material that derives from the Internet should be credible, accurate, reasonable, and supported.

You may weave the words of the secondary source into your essay in any way that you identify as appropriate and on point. Lots of possibilities. Because this secondary source establishes a list of sources, you are required—required—to create a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. I would like my theme essay on number 2 and 11 from the list I’ve uploaded.

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