Connecting with clients. 2022 Best

Connecting with clients.

This assignment focuses on connecting with clients. The goal is to select a psychological orientation and provide a conceptualization of what may be going on with your hypothetical client within your chosen framework.

Connecting with clients.

Psych Theory in connection with client.  Paper details: P A R T 2 (The Client is hypothetical–please see the attachment for background content on client also see below for instructions and rubric) INSTRUCTIONS 1. Psychological Theory: Select a psychological orientation (examples include: psychodynamic, family systems, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, positive psychology) and provide a conceptualization of what may be going on with your client within your chosen framework. 2. Cultural Diversity Factors: Identify cultural factors influencing the presenting problem. Discuss the impact that background information (in the section above) may have on the presenting issue.

Connecting with clients.

Discuss cultural similarities and differences between yourself and the client. Discuss the client’s transference (or anticipated transference) and your countertransference (or anticipated countertransference). Requirements.  Skillfully addresses all of the assignment requirements, including references of scholarly/authoritative citations where a minimum is required. Citation requirements: Minimum of 5 scholarly/authoritative source.  APA 7 formatting (in text citations and Reference page) In text citations are not included in the word count ▪ Plagiarism submission.

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