Consumer Perspective – Business Case

Consumer Perspective

Create a business case that investigates an issue from a consumer’s perspective. You will have a task to interview consumer(s) to construct your case. You must obtain permission and will have to report their contact for legitimacy purposes.1) Once you have made a connection with consumers, interview them. Based on your interview, pick a topic that interests you. Meanwhile, get additional inspirations from news articles, recent newsfeed, or from your general experience. Choose a topic that relates to consumption / retail . 2) Once you have narrowed down your interest, think of a dilemma that the consumer has experienced. The dilemma that you identify must not have an obvious answer. For example, if option A is much better than option B, then of course everyone will choose option A (**note, you can have more than two options).

Therefore, it should be very difficult to discern which option is better. Remember, the dilemma must be made from the viewpoint of the consumer.3) Once you have selected your topic, conduct additional interviews + secondary research to gather more information.4) Start writing the case. Page 1: There is a strict 1-page limit (single-space, Times-new Roman font 11) for this case. When writing the case, start with:- Title- Introduction Paragraph (setting the scene, background information, decision maker)- Elaborate on the dilemma- Provide Pros/Cons of the two (or more) options- Conclusion- Appendix (contact information of the decision maker)- Page 2: Please prepare a Teaching Note.

Additional Information

This highlights your theory Contribution and lesson to the readers (300 words, approximately half-page). Please integrate the concepts/terms from class to support your discussion. Title page is not necessary. However, please include your name/student number on the very top of the assignment.5) In preparing your references, please use footnotes (if necessary). Derive most of your case from your interviews. Evaluation: Grading will be based on the accuracy, creativity, and links to theory. Please note that late assignments will be penalized. Once you have completed the exercise, upload your final paper via D2L assignment box.

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