American Values Assessment- Content Analysis

Content Analysis- American Values Assessment

Instructions American Values Assessment: Part One (15% of course grade)  Content Analysis Writing Assignment  (due end of Week 3).  Read and respond in a two to three page paper on the topic: “American Values Assessment: A Content Analysis.”  Guidelines:  (1)       Reread sociologist Robin Williams’ American Values list (see week 1) and answer the questions: Do you agree with his list or not? Please be specific in your reasoning as to why his list does and/or does not resonate with you and your values. Finally, are there values in his list that contradict with any of the six characteristics of a democracy listed in Week 1 (see “Characteristics of a Democracy” in Week 1 resources).

Which characteristics are contradictory and how are they in conflict? Your essay will be 2-3 pages of content double space with a minimum of four reference sources.  Make sure that you construct and present your essay clearly. Please make sure that your essay contains the following components: (a) Introduction (b) Claims and Supporting Evidence (c) Analysis (d Summary/Conclusions  Note: Please be sure you include an in-text citation for the four sources you use for your paper using APA format, like this (Author, Year) and a Reference List. For tips on APA formatting, please visit: . You can find out more tips for essay writing at the following website:  Rubric

Example for Part One:      Firstly outstanding  All criteria in assignment instructions have thoroughly been met. Secondly good   Criteria in  assignment instructions have been met. Needs Improvement Criteria in assignment instructions have not been met or only partially met.

In Summary

Introduction Uses lucid reasoning, with emphasis on America’s core values Uses good reasoning concerning America’s core values. Lacks good reasoning with regard to America’s core values. Claims Exceptionally clearly written. References suggested material. Accurately paraphrases/summarizes suggested material. Paraphrasing/Summarizing of suggested material is either non-existent or inaccurate. Evidence Clearly lists and describes personal values Thoroughly and clearly  relates personal values with those identified by Robin Williams Thoroughly and clearly examines possible contradictions in Williams” list and  characteristics of democracy

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