Child Abuse and Criminality Amp Deviance in Adolescents



correlation between child abuse and criminality & deviance in adolescently

Description- Deviance in Adolescents

Firstly the project is going to be looking to find if there is any link between child abuse. Which can be sexual, physical, emotional or neglect. My research question is “correlation between child abuse and criminality & deviance in adolescent, my aims for the project are to look into research already conducted and available to the public to make any links between child abuse and the deviant behaviour or an adolescent. For my project I will be using secondary data. Also as the data will have been al-ready gather by other individuals prior. Also  I will be trying to make a link between the data I am trying to retrieve.

All evidence and data that I will be using will be found. By researching online using journals, articles and individuals work. This information will not be private as anyone of the public will be able to access it. Some of the information in the data may have individuals name and age. However this may be old articles or have already been given ethical clearance. And the people may have given their consent and would most likely be adults now. Consequently i will be looking at the data and analysing if the certain individual had been put through any kind of child abuse and then see if that correlates with them having a criminal/deviance in their adolescent years.

In Summary

This research will help with a long-time question. Whether an individual is born evil or if they have become evil because of the experiences they have been put through. Such as child abuse and neglect. I think this project will help understand the reasons why certain people tend to be come deviant and what triggers their be-haviour. 10,000 words +/- 10%  and reference fully and accurately in Harvard style around 70 references to get highest marks possible

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