Country Global Inequality Assignment: What’s in Your Closet?

 Country-Global Inequality Assignment: What’s in Your Closet?

STEP ONE: Select 10 articles of clothing from your closet. List the brand/manufacturer (such as Nike) and country of origin (such as China).  For the country of origin you need to look where it says “Made in….” and not where the company is based.  So for example your first article of clothing might be: Levis Jeans made in the USA.  Your list of the 10 items should no longer than a page.  STEP TWO:  look over your list and find out whether the article of clothing came from a core, peripheral or semi-peripheral country. Add this category to each item for example: Levis Jeans made in the USA (core) STEP THREE:  using your list of clothing select one country from each of the three categories (core, peripheral and semi-peripheral).

  If you do not have an article of clothing from any of the three categories please just select a country that fits your missing category.  STEP FOUR: look up your three countries on Index Mundi website (Links to an external site.) and, if needed, other websites to gather data about these countries.  You must at least look up the following but feel free explore other statistics: 1.    Infant Mortality Rate 2.    Life Expectancy Rate 3.    Age Structure 4.    Literacy Rate 5.    Unemployment Rate 6.    Population STEP FIVE Write Up: Your write up needs to include the list that you have generated in step one, as well as the write up for all three countries that you have done research on in step four.

After looking at all the research you conducted, did any of the results surprise you?.  How do you feel about the fact that many items are made in developing countries?.  Why do you think certain companies produced items outside the country that they are from?.  What are some benefits/ detriments to producing products in certain countries? Finally explain how you feel about what you learned from this assignment. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length with 1″ standard margins and standard font such as Times New Roman.  Please either upload a word document or cut and paste your paper into the text entry window.

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