COVID 19- Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment and analysis of qualitative data.

For this module’s journal assignment on qualitative data analysis, you will analyze a set of data that was gathered from a survey using open-ended questions asking about how people dealt with social isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. Make sure that you include the Excel sheet to evidence that you coded each comment . Also the ones  that go through the steps of finding codes and identifying themes. It is the methodology that is important. Which gives you an opportunity to experience how to analyze qualitative data (yet another transferable skill set). See attachments below for the full article. Using thematic analysis in psychology, and also, an example of qualitative analysis and coding. For this journal you will analyze a set of data that was gathered from a survey using open-ended questions asking about how people dealt with social isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak.

When evaluating programs, surveys and focus groups are often used to measure the satisfaction level of the community and the effectiveness of the program. Surveys and focus groups can also be used in needs assessments to gain a deeper understanding of the community’s needs. The comments that people provide are qualitative data that express their feelings, thoughts, and actions. For this assignment, you can access the data in the Excel spreadsheet. You can also complete the data analysis using either a table in a Word file or an Excel spreadsheet. Each file contains the feedback provided from every participant who responded to the survey question, “Describe how you have been dealing or coping with social isolation. What are some positive and negative aspects of your experience?” Your task is to analyze the qualitative data by coding each subject’s answer and then identify the codes into themes.

Further Description- COVID 19

Once you finalize your themes that identify how people coped with social isolation, answer the following research questions:. How did academic professionals cope with social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic?. What were the positive and negative aspects of social isolation?.  In your journal, be sure to identify all of your themes and include quotes from participants to support them. In addition, you need to turn in your completed Excel file or Word table document showing the codes identified from each quote and the corresponding theme you attached each one to. Prompt: Read through all the comments and then begin to identify the words and phrases that describe people’s feelings, thoughts, and actions. These are the codes. A common way of doing this is highlighting sections of a participant’s answers in different colors and naming each color.

As you analyze more participants, you may find similar phrases or feelings and can group them in the same color. Qualitative analysis often involves many codes as you are trying to break down every participant’s answers into as much information as possible. Every word or sentence  a participant states should have codes, so the file should be full with different colors (if you choose the highlighting method). If you use Excel, you can use the search tool to search quotes for codes you have identified. Once you identify the codes, take time to go back through and re-familiarize yourself with the data you have extracted from participants. As you do this, you will often find that  you can group several codes  into a broader category that illustrates a larger meaning.

Additional Information

These are your themes. Combine similar codes into themes that identify how people coped with social isolation and name these themes. As code names are very simplistic and descriptive of the data (e.g., “participants using online personal trainers during isolation,”. “Participants walking their dogs more during COVID-19”). Theme names are more interpretive of data and describe what the codes are telling you. It is the themes that the writer would report in the Results section of a journal article. (E.g., “Participants prioritized staying active as a coping mechanism during social isolation”). It is your decision as to how many themes you create; however, the number of themes should be much fewer than the number of codes

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