Codebook and Coding – First-Tier Codes

Create a Codebook.

 Create a codebook and code using one of the following options. Option One Use at least 2 first-tier codes, 4 second tier codes, and 8 third-tier codes. Option Two Use at least 4 first-tier codes and 8 second-tier codes (no third-tier codes required if you choose this option).The codebook does not have to include definitions for each code but just the code name (like we did in class).B. Code at least two transcripts in their entirety (you can use your transcript and one of your groupmate’s transcripts, or code 2 transcripts of people in your group). Your coding does not need to be exhaustive in that you don’t need to assign a code to every piece of text. However, you are to read each text in full and assign the codes in your codebook to the relevant places’.

Make an analysis spreadsheet If you chose Option One in IIIA, then select one second-tier code for analysis and compile text excerpts related to this code on a spreadsheet If you chose Option Two in step IIIA then select one first-tier code for analysis and compile text excerpts related to this code on a spreadsheet .IV. Write a Memo Write a memo (approximately 500 words) describing your interview research and findings. Include the following in your memo :(a) State your research question(b) Reflect on your interview by answering the following questions, (1) Do you think you were successful in establishing a “research partnership” with the informant? (See Interview PowerPoint for description)Why or why not?.

Further Guidelines

(2) How credible was the informant? Do the statements seem to be trustworthy indicators of actual events or the informant’s actual internal state? Why or why not? (3) How do you think your identity influenced the statements of the informants? (About 200 words)(c) Make one argument in response to your research question by drawing on the code that you analyzed. Be sure to include at least one quote from an interview. (About 200-300 words)V. Assignment Submission Compile (in this order in a single document) the following:(a) interview guide(b) two coded transcripts(c) codebook(d) excel code analysis sheet (this can be separate if you cannot merge the excel document)(e) memo VI. Grading(a) Interview Guide (20%)(b) Coded transcripts (30%)(c) Codebook and excel spreadsheet (20%)(d) Memo (30%)Preferred language style   Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)


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