Creative Brief – Client Overview & Concept Brainstorming

Creative Brief

 The final Creative Brief assignment will be the culmination of assignments throughout the course of the semester. I. Client Overview & Concept Brainstorming. Client Research Reflection III. Creative Brief I. Client Overview & Concept Brainstorming Using the information provided in the Client Overview, students will complete a brainstorming activity and reflection. First, students should refer back to the concepts learned in Chapter 2: Strategy and Branding and Chapter 6: Concepts and Design in order to develop an advertising objective. Submissions without a clear advertising objective will be penalized. Next, students should set a timer for 10-15 minutes and brainstorm as many creative ideas as possible. Repeat until you have at least five good creative ideas. Finally, students should write a 3-5 paragraph paper reflecting on the brainstorming experience, addressing the following:

Consequently what details from the client overview influenced your advertising objective?. What details from the client overview influenced your creative ideas?. Did you find brainstorming challenging?. Is there any additional research or information you need to refine your ideas or propose new ones?. Include any additional thoughts about the experience. II. Client Research Reflection For this assignment, students will conduct advertising research using one of two methods: ethnography or interviews. For ethnographic research, students will visit a physical location similar to the one of the proposed client and spend at least one hour making detailed observations about the business, product, customers, and environment.

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For interviews, students will seek out at least three people who belong to the audience that would be beneficial for the client and conduct brief interviews to elicit inner feelings on the client’s product, service, or brand and the audience member’s wants and needs. More details on conducting research are included in Chapter 2 of your textbook. Students should take detailed notes in both scenarios and reflect on their findings in a 2-3 page paper addressing the following: To begin with what can you use from your observations or interviews to address your client’s challenge?. Secondly what are the some of the wants and needs of the target audience member?. Thirdly what key insight about the client needs to be shared with potential customers?. Finally what factors would influence a potential customer to answer a call to action?

III. Creative Brief For your final assignment, you will produce a Creative Brief with a plan to solve a problem for your clients, as indicated in the client overview. The creative brief is a professional and creative document that will demonstrate your understanding of the client’s advertising challenges and your ability to propose creative solutions. Students are encouraged to use Canvas or other graphic design software. Your final paper should incorporate feedback and revisions from previous assignments and include the following sections in this order: Cover Page (Name, title, course, etc.)Executive Summary: This should be a brief overview of at least 2‐3 paragraphs. Further define the industry, client/company, and product/service.

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What specific problem or issue will your creative solution address? What is the specific opportunity that lends toward a new marketing or branding campaign? This will require you to include some background information. Finally, summarize the solution your creative brief proposes. Challenge: Articulate the specific need(s) that you intend to address with your creative brief. Objective(s): What measurable objective needs to be achieved in order to solve your client’s problem?. This could include changing behavior or perception, creating awareness, increasing sales, introducing new products or services, etc. Your choice! This is directly related to the challenge. Finally your objective should be stated as explicitly as possible.

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