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Creativity Tutorial

Creativity Tutorial Assignment Overview: We need to work on getting new ideas to solve problems that we have looked at this semester. They are big problems for sure – but Antigone stood up and called attention to authoritarian rule and Lysistrata figured out a way to stop the Peloponnesian War – so we can figure out how to solve dilemmas about human trafficking, torture, complacency, and the environment. This section [R01] explains that creativity is “to come up with something new…to produce something that is distinctive and special.” Here is an article about how creativity and research go together to try solve problems. The Long Game of Corona Virus Research (Links to an external site.)Directions: In the Creativity module in Tutorials (the last one) there are seven sections to read and study.

Further Guidelines

Please go through in order and answer the following questions to the best of your ability. The Tutorial (Links to an external site.)(1) Cognitive creativity has two parts – what are they? What are the three principles of creativity? Why are all three principles of creativity important?(2) Why is research part of the creativity cycle?(3) Why are analogies important for creative heuristics? Explain Lysistrata’s “skein” analogy (in detail) that she expressed to the magistrate. Why did it work so well?(4) [R05] describes “creativity that leads to success” through different personality traits or characteristics of.

Focus, devotion, sacrifice, grit, persisting through failures, “willingness to break existing rules and be different,” and having “courage to explore new territories.” Explain why these things are true for Antigone and ended tragically, and for Lysistrata which ended comically.(5) After watching Richard St. John’s “Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes” TED Talk – jot down the 8 words here and explain why/how they worked for Lysistrata and how they can work for you as well.

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