Critical Analysis- Research Essay

critical analysis research essay


For the Critical Analysis Research Essay, here are the prompt and requirements: Description: This essay continues the work from your two earlier essays, the Dual Article Review and the Rhetorical Analysis Essay. You need to revise those earlier essays so that they become the first two sections of this essay. And then you need to add a new 1,000-word section that provides your unique research and analysis on the topic. As well as your view on the correct course of action. Remember: Having a unique argument of your own doesn’t mean you can’t use what people have already done. It just means that you have to take it a step further, add a new part, or create a unique blend of approaches that hasn’t been seen in exactly that way before.

You can use other people’s ideas for support, but you have to go a step farther and make a unique point of your own: for example, an approach that deals with current sources by acknowledging them and then insisting that we try harder in a particular area (with details, argument, explanation of how, etc). You can think of this as the “One Step Further” approach. Length: 2,000 words (500 from the Initial Overview, 500 from the Rhetorical Analysis, and a new 1,000 from your research analysis). Style: MLA (12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, Works Cited page, in-text citations, page numbers, correct header, etc). Research Required: Eight sources minimum.  Cite these in the text of your argument and also give the full information on your Works Cited page. (Do not include the annotation blurbs–those only go on the Annotated Bibliography.)

Research Analysis Guidelines

How to Do It: Based on your earlier two essays, you should have a clear idea of an argument that is important to you and that “Inspires You to Action.” That argument should have two clear sides that disagree with each other. It may not be as simple as pro/con. It’s probably a disagreement over when or how to do something. Now, finish collecting eight (or more) academic sources that are important to this topic and that clearly explain the two positions, where they come from, any additional data or statistics that support them, and anything else that is relevant to analyzing them and offering your own argument.

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