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Use of critical thinking and analytical skills

In this assignment, you are required to apply critical thinking and analytical skills to figure out what happened. Also, explore what we know and don’t know, and how the company might remedy this situation. Your expertise and advice on a complicated situation for the company regarding an international hacking lawsuit. The company, Cyber-tech is serving as the cyber forensics consultant for a law firm. Handling the suit from a 2015 hack of the Office of Personnel Management, OPM. The OPM hack compromised background information on millions of workers.

In a related case Anom, a non-US gray hat hacking group is suspected in the OPM breach case. In addition, it is claiming that US-based Equate attempted to hack its facilities. So we have a non-US and a US set of test hacker groups involved. With Anom, the non-US group, being a client plaintiff in one case against Equate, the US group, and as a suspect in the OPM breach. Along with the OPM victims, Cyber-tech represents clients from some of the OPM breach suspect companies in unrelated cases. Thus, this  could appear to be a conflict of interest. Therefore, we need to maintain our image as an unbiased cyber security consultant.

Use of critical thinking and analytical skills.

Should Cyber-tech remain on both the OPM breach investigation and the overseas case at the same time? Or should we drop one of the cases? Therefore, apply critical thinking and analytical skills to figure out what happened what we know and don’t know. Thereafter,advice the company on how it might remedy this situation. I’d like a paper by the end of the week with your recommendations.No more than ve double-spaced pages. Excluding the cover page and references page. Organize the paper in accordance with your preparatory steps, using these subheadings.

Firstly, the Introduction. Secondly, the explanation of the issue. Determine if a conflict of interest would exist in handling the two cases that might be related, and advise how to proceed. Thirdly. the analysis of the Information. Outline the points that you want to make. Fourthly, consideration of alternative views and conclusions. Finally, the conclusion and Recommendations. Use 2 or 3 sources (preferably from a legal aspect). Note this is not a research paper. It is more investigative in nature about the facts of the case. Cite outside sources carefully.

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