Essay – Cultural Anthropology Final

Cultural Anthropology Final Essay

Evaluation criteria: To begin with your essays will be evaluated on: Your ability to think across and to draw connections between the course materials. A demonstrated in-depth understanding of the course materials. How clearly and comprehensively you address the essay questions. Submission Guidelines: Your take-home exam should include a cover page with your name, the date, course, instructor’s name each of the three essays should be 1 – 2 single-spaced pages, 12-point font (500-600 words). Give each essay a title to distinguish it from the others. You do not need to write an extensive introduction for each essay (save the space for the meat of your argument) but do include a sentence or two in each essay in which you introduce the issues and also the examples you’ll be discussing.

Please spell-check, grammar-check, and otherwise proofread your write-up before submitting it. You must cite all references in text. Use Chicago author-date style: (Author Year, page#). Include one combined bibliography for your three essays (see guidelines below).Upload your exam to Turnitin, using the FINAL EXAM link below. Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software that will show you problematic areas of your essay before submission. Note: Upload your file as a pdf or docx file. Do not use any special characters in your title (this may cause upload problems). Make sure you receive a digital receipt for your submission.. Exam Questions: Your exam consists in three short essays, one for each of the following three themes:

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Firstly structural inequality2. Kinship and Social Organization3. Personhood, Belonging, and Community For each essay, present and discuss two specific ethnographic examples, each from a different module, that demonstrate the role of culture in shaping the given theme. In your essays, also address how anthropological research sheds light on the emic (insider’s) perspective on this topic. Remember: an ethnographic example is a culturally specific explanation of a particular cultural trait, practice or belief system. The final exam study guide has lists of topics that you can use to help you select your ethnographic examples.

Each essay should cite at minimum two distinct readings from the syllabus, in addition to relevant PowerPoint slides/presentations. (See citation guidelines below)Citation Guidelines In these essays, you must cite readings from the course and include a list of cited works at the end, for example: In addressing gender roles in Samoan society, Mead felt ethnography to be “crucial to the core” (Mead 1934, 345).[End of Paper]Works Cited Mead, Margaret. 1934. Coming of Age in Samoa. New York: Westview Press. To cite a narrated slideshow presentation, put (Narrated Slideshow, Module XX)—where you replace “XX” with the segment info—in the text and include an entry in the Works Cited section at the end.

To cite a PowerPoint, put (PowerPoint, Module XX, Slide Y)—where Y is the slide#—in the text and include an entry in the Works Cited section at the end.


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