Dear Mama book review -Analysis

Movie Analysis and Book Analysis.  For this class, you will utilize core concepts from the textbook and lectures to analyze the book, Dear Mama.  In these exercises you are asked to examine issues of social class, race, culture, crime, etc. And do so using the structure of the “term paper assignment” and the short film. “How to Write a Great Paper. Term Paper Project and its Component Parts. 


Introduction:- Movie Analysis

In this section, your core task is to frame a position for a larger piece of work.  Your goal is to build a case as to the vitality of choosing an issue pertaining to social environment for analysis.  Therefore, in it, you will lay out a road map and prescription of analysis (one page).  Consequently you should have roughly five sources to build your case.   Background Research:  The research section is designed to analyze and pull together all of the empirical research that has been conducted on your topic.  It is to your advantage to organize this section in a comprehensive and organized manner.  Once you have read through the material, the last paragraph should spell out two or three key questions that you will analyze in the remaining sections of this project.  You should find 5-10 academic references for this section (2-3 pages).  

 Data  Analysis 

In this section, your task is to examine data.  There should be two, and maybe three, forms used.  First, you should identify the historical trends and directional patterns of this crime.  Second, you should be able to spell out the social, demographic, and criminal history predictors of this administrative issue.  Finally, you should dig deeply into the data (even qualitative types) to tell a story.  The data will directly impact the nature of your policy recommendation later (2-3 pages).  

Conclusion, Analysis Implications and Recommendations: 

In this section, and based upon all of your previous work, what are the social, political, and theoretical implications of your findings.  Based upon a thorough examination of your own work, what do you recommend as a social environmental policy for this topic? (2 pages).   Some words of advice: In order to write an effective paper, you will need to do some research beyond your textbook.  The key to writing a successful paper is to make sure you thoroughly address each core component in your paper.  Papers are expected to be in APA format, double spaced, with a title and reference page.  A typical final paper will range somewhere between 5-7 page range.

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