Devising a Performance Project- Theater Studies

Devising a Performance Project- Theater Studies

Before you start working on this project, you must carefully read its larger introduction in Module 14. The type of performance, or “theatrical event”, we are devising is described in the examples from chapters, 8, 9 and 10Outline: Write about a 2-page description (font 12, 1.5 spaced, not including images) of your performance project that follows the rubric below and answers only the questions that apply. The description must present a vivid picture of what will be seen, heard, or experienced in this performance in a clear and well-structured narrative. The plan for performance should be feasible, original, and creative. Writing rubric:1. What is the important issue or social cause, which your performance will address? What would you like to make your audiences aware of with this performance?.

Your objective needs to be of a significant importance to a larger community: fellow students, underrepresented social group, hospital patients, city, nation, etc. The cause could be related to ecology, human and animal rights, global community, racial and gender equality, stopping violence, empathy, cultural understanding, etc.2. Who will be your audience? Who is the performance intended for? Where is this audience going to come from: invited for the particular event or random (walking, residing in the place, etc.)? Determine the space of your performance event, where this audience will view the show (found space, natural space, exhibit hall, theatre stage, etc.)3. Who would the main performer(s) be? Would you need trained actors or amateurs, or both? How would they be chosen? Are you going to be the sole performer in this theatrical event?.

Further Description

To begin with will the performer(s)’ physical or artistic assets (racial and gender identity, age and social belonging, performance skills, etc.) be of importance for the show?. Secondly will you try to turn the audience into performers in the event? Thirdly would rehearsals or any preparation be necessary?. Consequently what exact action and/or interaction will be performed? What exactly will happen during this performance event? How long would it last? What would the audience see and/or experience? How would the performance evolve through time? 5. How will this event involve theatre? Will it include a conflict or tension? Would there be a story or demonstration to be presented? How will this event engage the audience emotionally? How will this event transform people’s perceptions and emotions?

6. What artistic aspects will be present? Here is a list of some possible ones: a dialog or skit, an artistic interaction with particular space or audience (blocking), distinct and/or symbolic costumes or accessories, some scenic design, props, music/song, dance and choreography, demonstration, film projection, lighting pattern, etc.? These elements will make your performance original, engaging, and able to symbolically relay your message to the audiences instead of telling something with text/speech. Please, include a couple of images that give an idea of the performance’s artistic qualities

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