Different Food cultures in America- Cuisines

Different Food cultures in America

Context There are countless cultures across the world, each with their own unique cuisine. While these cuisines are special to the specific regions and ethnicities they belong to, they often become influenced by others as well as influence other cuisines, often resulting in the sharing of recipes and traditions. In America, we have an enormous array of cuisines available for us to eat—much of it a result of immigrants sharing the recipes they brought with them. Yet, how often do we think about the significance of the food we are eating? How often do we know the history behind the foods we love? What do we know about the people who make these foods available to us? What do we really know about food?.

As the texts for Essay 2 discuss, food is often more complex than we realize at the surface level. Food brings people together and helps us learn about other cultures, but there are also issues surrounding food in terms of its history, stereotypes that may be associated with it, and with appropriation. The Prompt Essay 2 is a bit of a choose your own adventure essay. For this essay, I want you to consider the ways food is related to culture, identity, and politics as well as some of the issues related to food that you have observed in our various texts.

Then, you will develop a claim about either: The significance of food in relation to culture and/or identity An examination of one way that food can be political and/or relate to politics An issue related to food and the cause and effect of that issue The shape of your essay will be determined by which one of these options you choose.

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Regardless of the route you take, your thesis should make a clear claim that responds to one of those options. The rest of the essay should provide 3-4 strong supporting points. You are required to use 2-3 of the texts we have read for the Essay 2 unit as well as 1-2 sources that you find on your own to support your main claim. You must include one of the visual texts viewed for Essay 2 in your essay. The outside sources you find on your own need to be credible sources, meaning from a reliable source with valid information. They do not necessarily need to be scholarly for this essay. You can refer to the media bias chart to help get a sense of which popular sources are okay to use and which should be avoided.

Aim to provide a well-rounded discussion of the topic you choose to write about. This means you should discuss the complexities related to the topic of food, including things like positives and negatives and causes and effects, as long as you make a solid claim in your thesis statement. Some guiding questions to help you get started:

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