Digital Divide – Writing Assignment

Digital Divide

In roughly 1500 words, (6 pages double spaced or less) discuss the following: consider the readings, video presentations, class discussions, extra-curricular research, and your personal experience(s) on the digital divide. Briefly discuss what the digital divide is, its ramifications, and the global phenomena that drive it. Why is the digital divide an important issue? What are the effects of global technological inequality? After explaining the fundamentals of this issue, you have some latitude in the direction of your essay. Feel free to follow an issue that was under-discussed (or omitted) in the curriculum. However, if you would like to build upon the coursework, you should discuss some of the broader issues covered in class: .  Elaborate on the roles that the various levels of actors play: individuals (urban and rural), nonprofit organizations, international corporations, and national & international governing bodies.

What are the barriers and successes? . The digital divide is not a new concept in technological chronology. Are we closer to bridging the divide or have global forces accelerated the division? Cite specific examples from either our material, which has largely covered Africa, or external sources that cover different (but analogous) regions in the divide. Discuss these topics  primarily in a global context but feel free to discuss it in terms of a developed/urban vs underdeveloped/rural context. DIRECTIONS: This essay is a culmination of the topics we have covered in this class. The discussion boards should be a nice comprehensive guide for completing this assignment. In addition to the material covered in class, you must include one source not part of the curriculum. This requirement is somewhat informal, and this outside source could be a video, a magazine article, or even a song.

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However, you must cite all sources; if you use another student’s point from the discussion board you must give credit to that person. The same is true for the readings and video presentations. You may use any citation style you wish. You do not need to write six pages to receive an A. Although you are more likely to earn an A if your arguments are fully developed, organized, and supported. Also  you may write more than six pages if you wish, but more is not always better. • Approximately six pages including citations. The body of paper should be double-spaced 12pt font and be in a report format.• All sources cited in any style (MLA, APA, etc.) you choose • At least one outside source

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