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Your task will be to use one of the tools (or both) that we encountered for digital mapping  in the last few weeks. Social Explorer ( (Links to an external site.)) . ESRI’s ArcGIS Online ( (Links to an external site.)) to choose information that you would like to map. If your first thought is, uh, what were those tools again, take a look at the demo videos for page 8: Mapping Statistical Associations (for ArcGIS Online) and page 9: Choropleth Mapping & Spatial Analysis for (for how to use the Living Atlas at ArcGIS Online) and page 10: Data Visualization & Spatial Analysis (for how to use Social Explorer).For this assignment, feel free to use either or both ArcGIS Online or Social Explorer. Step One: Find Data Browse either Social Explorer or The Living Atlas data repositories. Think about your own interest and search for topics that are related to it.

Ultimately, your job is t to select two (2) different variables to map. Take your time and make them interesting. Step Two: Create Maps Using either Social Explorer or ArcGIS Online, create four (4) maps of the four (4) different variables you chose above. Deliverables: Your final project has three components that you will submit. Details on each deliverable are available by following the link for each or by clicking on the respective links at the Modules page. A) Visual Component (due 16 April)VT11: Final Project (draft visualizations) : Map Progress to Date. For this assignment, you will submit drafts of your maps as a Voice Thread. You will then be asked to comment on others maps. Taking this feedback, you will then proceed tob) Written Component (due 22 April):Lab #11: Final Project (Written Component) : In this assignment, you will present and analyze your maps in an essay.

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See the assignment page for details’) Oral Component (due 26 April)Lab #12: Final Project (Oral Component) : In this assignment you will take the final versions of the maps you have created and “present” them via Voice Thread. For this assignment, you will create your own VT, upload the maps you have created, and provide an oral analysis of your topic, your variables, your maps, and what you learn from them. Map Creation You are free to choose the topics and data you explore in maps. Choose any two (2) measures from the maps service of your choice. Your tableau of maps is restricted however. You should organize your maps as follows: analyzing 4 census variables at the national scale with variables set at the State level analyzing 4 census variables of any state of your choice with variables set at the County.

Level analyzing 4 census variables of any city of your choice with variables set at the Census Tract Level analyzing 4 census variables at any smaller part of the city at the Block Group Level Your mapping should reflect your cartographic thinking about: scale (how zoomed in or out is your map? Is it at an appropriate scale? Color/shading: how are you illustrating the range of the variables you are mapping? I.e, what color scheme are you using? How many color classes? What classification scheme? Why? Context: how do you use titles, and other visual queues to explain the map to the reader?

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