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Digital poster

Prepare a digital poster that will feature the case study of a contributor to the psychology of women. The poster will explore the life and work of a past or current contributor to the psychology of women and/or gender. Your poster should have the following three parts: Part 1: Biographical Sketch: Start your poster with an introduction that gives a brief overview of what your presentation is about. Then transition into doing a biographical sketch of the person. Include a description of their life and their career, as well as any personal details that are relevant to their career choice and/or their area of expertise (Tip: check out home pages within their institutions for biographical information) [4 points]Part 2: Research/Theoretical Contributions: Next, describe and evaluate the nature of this person’s research and/or theoretical contributions.

Further Guidelines

Read/summarize some of this person’s most important works. (Tip: Check out Psych Info for a list of this person’s publications) [8 points]The following questions may help you focus your thinking:1.) What did this person contribute to the field of psychology (or what is she currently contributing)?2.) What is the overarching theme of this person’s theoretical, applied, or empirical contributions (in other words, a summary of her or his major work)?3.) How did this person’s ideas evolve?4.) If information about this person’s life is available, what life experiences and/or historical/cultural trends appear to have influenced the nature of her or his work and research?

In addition how did this person overcome traditional stereotypes in order to make her or his contribution?6.) What barriers did this person experience as they attempted to meet career goals? If relevant, what factors led to this person’s lack of recognition within psychology? Part 3: Implications of the person’s contributions and Relevance to your own Personal Experience: Why is the contributor’s work important? What sort of an impact did the contributor’s work have in the field of psychology? Does the contributor’s work have any personal relevance to you? If so, in what way? (3 points)

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