Dissociative Identity Disorder- Diagnosis

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Write a 7 page (5 content, title and reference page) paper describing the diagnosis, the history, the criteria, and the treatment techniques for the disorder.  You need to find 5 scholarly articles or books that will help you to write the paper.  Use APA style to complete your paper.  Under the paper instructions, scroll to the bottom as there are links that can assist you in completing the paper.  The paper is due on  March 19  by 11:00 pm.   Upload the paper to canvas and Turnitin will show that you have not plagiarized.   It is very important that you cite every sentence unless the sentences are clearly connected.  If you do not, it is considered plagiarism.  This is a research paper so no personal descriptions should be included in the paper.

  Only use books or journal articles.  No- .org or .edu or .com . Scroll down to the bottom of the modules for more instructions on writing the paper .  You can access articles on EBSCO or JSTOR at the library website.  The 5 pages do not include the title page or the reference page.  Use APA style.  Cite all writing.  I do not want your opinion or personal experience in this paper.  The library website can assist you with understanding APA style.  You may also find assistance at Purdue OWL APA format. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html.    (Links to an external site.) You can also find this in a google search.  There is a rubric for grading that you can view.  The APA format is very critical for an adequate grade.

 Further Description- Dissociative Identity Disorder

 Firstly do not use citation generators, they frequently lead to errors.  Secondly see the following youtube for a tutorial on writing a paper in APA style. Also youtube video may help you set up your references-  Click here: https://youtu.be/MOL5N8fuYPg    To access the APA paper template, please go to MS office and search for APA 6th or 7th  edition template.  You may use this template to set up your paper.  You will need to delete tables and figures.  DO NOT BREAK THESE RULES! The paper must be in APA style.  Take care to make sure your citations and reference are done correctly.  DO not use quotes.

You should paraphrase and cite the material.  DO NOT use .com .org or .edu websites.  Click on APA paper rubric.docx below in order to view the rubric.    You are to submit your paper here.  Submit your paper to turnitin for grading.  Turnitin will scan your paper for plagiarism, grammar errors and citation errors.  Make sure that you are doing original work.  Plagiarism will result in an F for the course.

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