Does God really exist?-research solution

Research on whether God really exists.

In this assignment, you are required to answer whether God really exists. It has been said that America is one of the most religious countries in the world. Indeed, Gallup poll indicates that a little over 8 Americans in ten believe in God. As usual, Philosophy urges you to question the assumption underlying such a belief. Hence the following question: “Does God exist?”In argument one,God does exist because we as humans are made up of that energy which is God. We as humans run off of energy.  Also,we come from six electrons six neutrons and six protons which are all forms of energy. The numbers 6 Is the abundance of life and God is life.

This could be seen as true,but God is the energy that makes us, some people could say God is the creator of science. This makes him exist. In argument two,God exist because God is the universe. The universe is meaning he is the millions of things that exist in the world we live in.  If it was not for the fact that Earth has life on it , God would not exist . Every organism in the world we live in living and because this is a fact God exist. In the Bible the first five words are “In the beginning God created”. Some could also say that we as humans evolved from animals since in the Bible it was only animals at first. He created the animals. So whether we revolved from animals or made from energy God created this all, which makes him exist.

Research on whether God really exists.

In argument three,He exists because when we need some hope to rely on God is there, and always has been. If you look at it from a higher power since when your energy is low and you need to build your vibrations you meditate, some call it praying . Either way He (higher power) is something that humans rely on to balance the negative that goes on in the world . When the universe comes back around and humans put that positivity back in the world  situations change by relying on God.

Then there are those who may say He doesn’t exist and things happen because of luck . They can argue that there is always a reason for why things happen because of a probability. In conclusion,God exist because He is the spirit and the energy that lives within us. God exist because he created life, He exist because He is the power we rely on for better understanding. In addition,He is real because God is so much more than a religion. He is a way of living and we as humans are here to serve a purpose in this world the world (God created), the world we live in.

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