Global Climate Change- Ecology Paper

Ecology- Global Climate Change

Global climate change has the potential to be one of the most challenging issues of our time. While there are still many uncertainties about its exact effects, we are already beginning to see rapid changes which may foreshadow coming shifts in both regional and global weather patterns. Most students understand the basic idea of global warming, but the facts  often  confuses them. In addition the fiction of what they actually predict to occur. Also how these changes  closely relates to what is happening in the ocean. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the world authority on climatic issues. It is made up of hundreds of scientists from all around the world from a diversity of backgrounds.

Their goal is to “assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the latest scientific. Technical and socio-economic literature produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change. Its observed and projected impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation”. A few years ago they came out with their fifth assessment synthesis report which one can find at their website. Https:// (Links to an external site.).

Further Instructions

Your task is to investigate the current scientific consensus that is described in the report. As well as any other peer-review reports that you can find. The reports might have been written on the subject in the last few years. Then take ONE specific potential change that may occur in the next hundred years. Further explain the details of what may happen. In addition what the resulting effects may be for the local people, plants, or animals. How does it affect or relate to the oceans?. Do you believe that this is a major problem. If so, what do you think should be done about it.

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