Ego Function-Reading the Seigal Case

Seigal Case- Ego Function

From Reading the Seigal Case (See Attached) Using the information available identify and explain the following: Responses will be graded on the following criteria: your selection of ego functions should apply to the identified client. For A. Apply several ego function , and the application should also include an example from the case that supports your selection. Limited discussion in this area will result in a lower number of points awarded for response. Include both maladaptive and adaptive ways to appy these functions . For B. You will respond similarly to A. Firstly you will provide numerous examples of defense mechanism. Using appropriate definitions, indicate if these are maladaptive or not according to information in the case example. For C.

Further Guidelines

Additionally please explain how to use genograms and eco maps  in assessment. And diagram three generations for the client selected. Therefore include information on characteristics in genogram. Both should be neatly presented so that they can be easily read. Incomplete diagrams will result in fewer points awarded. Additionally you have several opportunities to see how they  produce them. Hence you should use all appropriate reading sources to assist you. For D. you are expected to predict how well your client will do in the future given their status based on your assessment..               A. Identify appropriate ego functions demonstrated by all members of the client.  Discuss how these functions are adaptive or maladaptive. (20 points) B. Identify defense mechanisms employed by the client.  Discuss how these defense mechanisms impact their lives. (20 points) C.

Diagram a genogram and ecomap of this client.  Using the accepted symbols, indicate the relationship between family members.  Explain how you would use this data in assessment and intervention activities. (20 points) D. Based on your current knowledge of the client, what would you suspect for projected ego functioning. (5points)

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