Emma Goldman’s Contributions to Anarchism

 Part A: Emma Goldman’s Contributions to Anarchism, Feminism, And Social Activism. The essay needs to talk about Emma Goldman’s Contributions to Anarchism, Feminism, And Social Activism from a personal opinion point of view. Argue for or against one of her philosophical views. I have attached the research I have done that it is supposed to be based on. “All written work should provide textual support. This must include page numbers in brackets or parentheses at the end of a reference to the idea from the text, and a passage cited in quotation marks. Eg.: ‘[34]’ if it is understood who the theorist is, or ‘(Power, 56)’ if it is not understood who the theorist is.”

 Part B: What is your reaction to the sale of HD Supply by Frank Blake? Do you see the divestiture as a good or bad decision for Home Depot as of 2007? Why? Discuss the competitive challenges confronting Home Depot. Focus on the competition, customers, suppliers, and substitutes. What business-level generic strategy (cost leadership, differentiation, focused cost leadership, focused differentiation, and broad differentiation) does Home Depot pursue? What changes did the new CEO Frank Blake implement with respect to the strategy and organizational structure?

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