Ethics and Finance- Assessment Instrument

Ethics and finance

To begin with please find below a short case on ethics and finance. This is not a quiz or a test. The case is an assessment instrument expected to show aggregate knowledge or competencies in basic ethics and finance by a sample of business students. Your responses to the case are anonymous. Submitted reports will represent an aggregate response by the takers on their learning of some basic ethics and finance applications. We use the responses to formulate an aggregate result from an anonymous sample of business students on applications of basic ethics and finance. No individual response or taker is identifiable in our sample reports. I will take all submissions without the name of the taker and without any other possible ID. Also have them evaluated by business professors to include myself.

We are not interested in a response by any one individual but rather we are looking to measure the aggregate average response by the takers.  To provide an incentive for you all to submit a report with your current knowledge of basic ethics and finance concepts, I will add 4 points to your class average if your submission is complete. Your submission is voluntary and not required by the class. This case was adapted from a Time Value of Money exercise found in Chapter 4 of your textbook.  If you submit, please make sure that you address all case issues by framing your responses around the questions asked. When possible, use your knowledge of ethics and finance (time value) concepts to formulate your responses. The case requires that you report to the best of your knowledge, given a judgement of the information provided by the case.

Further Description

No need to go outside the case information to formulate your responses. You may submit by either a text response on the submission box (writing submission under Assignment Submission) or by attaching a file to your submission box. Your choice. I appreciate any of you willing to participate with this exercise. It helps improve the quality of the BBA-FIN and the BBA program in general. The case will remain open until I announce its closure. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Best regards. Potential Ethical Dilemma* Tory Lopez recently inherited $48,000. Tory is considering investing her inheritance in a 10-year U.S. Treasury bond that promises to pay her $1, 200 interest every 6 months for 10 years and finally the principal back at maturity.

Tory attended a social event at work, however, where she overheard an executive of an automobile company describing his company’s newest operation in China with the support of the Chinese government. His company would grant exclusive rights to Universal Autos (UA). A Chinese auto manufacturer, to build U.S. automobiles for the Chinese and American markets. This would be a win-win, according to the executive. The American manufacturer would produce autos for the Chinese and American markets at a much lower cost than in the United States. Consequently UA stood to increase its profits significantly during the next 10 years. Which should translate into significant increases in the UA’s stock price.

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