Executive Summary- Health Information Systems

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- Health Information Technology

Assignment Topic Your final assignment is to write an executive summary on health information. You are required to analyse the roles and responsibilities of managers in healthcare IT system related to system security. Your summary should include brief history of health information technology and what measures managers can take to ensure that information system is safe and secure. Describe the role of managers in designing and implementing the EHRs infrastructure. Compare and contrast the key competencies for healthcare professionals related to information technology.

You should address the current legal and ethical issues, and potential issues related to health information could arise in the future. Also discuss the responsibilities of healthcare professional for the ethical use of healthcare informatics. Your report should be based on scholarly research, citing credible resources and include both real life examples of the information security measures or your personal experience.

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Assignment Guidance Word count for your report should not be more than 2,000 words, not including title page and references pages. Consequently your final paper must include minimum of 10 current scholarly sources. Therefore in your report you should discuss in detail the major role of health managers in healthcare IT system to make system secure and safe. You should also include potential security risks in healthcare information system. Additionally compare various security techniques. Then describe ethical and legal implications of electronic health records, security, and employee’s compliance. Cite all work  accurately  and appropriately support with credible sources. Learning Outcomes.

Discuss the role of healthcare managers in healthcare IT system. Describe healthcare information security. Identify the security threats posed to information security and the common attacks associated with these threats. Demonstrate professional responsibilities for the ethical use of information technology in healthcare. Departmental guidelines on preparation and submission of coursework Assignments should be submitted in either MS Word or Open Office format unless stated otherwise on the assignment submission page Use standard margins: 1″ (2.5cm) on all sides. Use standard Arial 12-point font size. Use double-line spacing Pages number consecutively

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