Explaining Total Quality Management, etc.

Explaining Total Quality Management, etc.

In a report using MS-Word, (1) Firstly explain the purpose and goals of Total Quality Management, (2) Secondly explain how the use of TQM helps a company achieve lower production costs and increase productivity by improving the quality of its products or services, and (3) Thirdly how quality improvement can lead to a competitive advantage for the firm. Prior to submission, run the paper through Grammarly to catch spelling and grammar mistakes. Consequently be sure to support all arguments (points) and where other sources are used, cite them in the text and also list them on the References page in compliance with APA guidelines. Cover Sheet, 1 page (Title, student name, and date centered vertically and horizontally) Table of Contents, 1 page (NOTE: Optional) The paper’s content: The work itself (tell me the results of the research).

total quality management

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double spaced, first line indent, font size 11 or 12, Times New Roman, Courier New, or Arial. Only these three font styles are acceptable. Additionally use A.P.A. guidelines for citing references and the use of headings. (see APA document).  Summary and Conclusions (tell me what you learned from the research – what you told me) Maximum 1 page Appendix of materials, if desired and appropriate (Optional: the appendix is used for supporting materials not included in the text body and is rarely used – use it if you want) Bibliography (the reference page listing the sources cited in the paper), on a separate page. Be sure to follow APA referencing guidelines. For an abbreviated reference of the currently accepted referencing styles, go to the site https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/  (Links to an external site.

Consequently the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th Ed., the Research Paper Requirements document, or have a look at Purdue University’s Web site. The length of the business plan should be long enough to adequately cover the topic. Submit your work in Microsoft Word. Finally this is the only format acceptable.

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