Family and consumer science

Family and consumer science

Question# 1. (30 points). This question assess how well you apply a parenting/Growth theory across contexts to this case. Chose a preferred theory from the ones you have learned in this course and use the theory to answer the following questions, First, in one paragraph of 5-9 sentences, identity and briefly explain the parenting/growth theory you have chosen to apply (10 points). Here, discuss how the theory views/assumes about the nature of the parent-child relationship. You MUST cite the original developer (s) of the theory and not the class instructor’s lectures Using the language of your chosen theory, identify and discuss what you perceive as problematic in this case (5 points) (e.g. do you think it’s the relationship between Mr. Ken and Giang that’s problematic? Giang’s behaviors? His history of trauma? Or other systemic contextual factors) in this family?.

Discuss the protective factors in Giang’s life (5 points) i.e., what things do you see in this case that have kept Giang resilient and living life despite his challenging life circumstances as a 13-year-old boy. Imagine you were assigned this family case as the therapist or social worker; discuss how you would use your theory to understand and help this family develop solutions to their problems (10 points). Focus primarily, on how you would help Mr. Ken as Giang’s foster parent to navigate Giang’s behavioral problems and build positive relationships in this family.Question#2. (20 points). This question requires you to discuss clearly the contextual and intersectionality issues such as culture, immigration, ethnicity, race, social economic statues etc.. that are at play in this case.

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In this part, focus primarily on Giang’s biological father’s (Mr. Tran) context (not the foster father Mr. Ken). For example, Consider and state the specific social-cultural and economic challenges of Mr. Jon. How do you think these are affecting his son, Dang, now in foster care? (10 points).Identify and discuss what you see as strengths areas, as well as areas of growth for Mr. Tran (5 points)Again, imagine you are the therapist in this case, write about how you would involve and help Mr. Tran (Giang’s biological father) to create positive changes in his own life in order to reconnect with his son, Giang in safer, positive, and healthy ways (5 points).

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