Fanfic – Examining Fan Generated Fictional Stories


 For our class we will be examining fan generated fictional stories (fanfic), and creating some of our own. Fanfic is an example of a type of pop culture, very common in East Asia, that ordinary people (like our class) are welcome to participate in as creators, not just consumers. Standard Assignment: You will write a fanfic of your own. You can make it as long or as short as you want, but you need to be demonstrating your knowledge related to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean culture through the fanfic and some of that knowledge should connect to our class. What you teach could be integrated into the story, or it could be in footnotes (that are not part of the story, but explain why the things in the story happen as they do), of course it can be in both the footnotes and the story.

You must have [number] of these, and they must be marked in the text. The information you include in the fic must be:1) Accurate. Students may check facts with the AIsor professor. Students should use good sources.2) Scholarly. You should be connecting your fic to things we read or to other academic books, chapters, and articles. There should be in-text citations in the format (author year, page) as in (Saeji 2024, 89). At the end of the fic there will be a bibliography, formatted in Chicago. Our class readings should be the first thing you consider citing for your big class assignment. Both the AIs and professor will happily give you ideas about search terms and even send you PDFs of readings you might want to use.

Further Guidelines

Using academic articles written in Korean or Chinese as well as English is great.3) Rejecting broad simplifications and essentialization of the culture of C/J/K, especially when those are often perpetuated by outsiders who are exotifying the culture. For example, someone in your fic can say “Asian women are submissive “only if another character then tells them they are wrong (you could easily footnote with a discussion of gender roles and stereotypes.)4) This is a class about contemporary popular culture. Do not set your fanfic in thepast.5) If you want a character in the story who is not from C/J/K, that is completely fine, and it might make working cultural explanations into the text easier. However, the majority of characters in your fanfic should be from C/J/K.6).

Your fanfic should be related to our class, but it should also ideally be a chance for you to follow your own interests and deeply explore something related to C/J/K and the popular culture of that country.7) .There is no length requirement (min or max). However, your AI and your group mates will read your fic, so we suggest that you write something long enough to fulfill the assignment, but not so long as to be burdensome. If your fic becomes very long, the AIs may focus on the graded elements, and not read the non-graded elements (in other words they might not read your entire story).

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