Fictional Text – “A good man is hard to find”

Fictional text in “A good man is hard to find” by Flannery O’Connor

For your midterm essay, construct a close-reading-based analysis that advances an interpretive argument of one of the central themes of a fictional text. In doing so, consider the formal elements of narrative fiction covered in class this semester. Also  draw on the critical terminology we have covered – as appropriate. Also, remember that your interpretive claims need to be grounded in engagement with evidence from the text. In question in the form of short quotation or paraphrase. Your essay should draw meaningfully on at least TWO SCHOLARLY secondary sources – that is. Weave these sources  substantively to your line(s) of argument to advance your interpretation. Provide cultural or socio-historical context for your analysis, and/or offer a contrastive analytical take on the text(s) in question.

Further Instructions

Do not use these sources to throw random quotations into your essay as “garnish,” draw on biographical author data that does not connect substantively to your analysis, or introduce ideas that you don’t connect up with in your analysis. You may use peer-review books and articles (in print or from the online databases our library subscribes to), but no webpages—though copies of print articles made available online are acceptable). “In Christian tradition (and O’Connor was a Catholic) “grace” means the unearned favor of Godbut in many of O’Connor’s stories, it more specifically signifies a moment of beauty and truth that is divine in nature—an epiphany that can pierce through the harshness or pettiness of life.”

Focus on this fictional work’s theme of grace and morality, creating an interpretive argument based on this theme.  Added are two acceptable secondary sources of which you should draw from to add to your argument.  Works Cited must be alphabetical. willing to pay more based on grade given!!!

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