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Assessment 1: Writing a Film Review  You are free to choose any genre (e.g. comedy, action and romance) of any topic that interests you. The only requirement is that it is a full-length English language feature film of at least 90 minutes. This does not include a non-English language film that has been set into English or as has English subtitles. The length of your essay should be between 300 and 400 words. Professionals review most of the films made – and amateurs – so please resist the temptation to copy from these when writing your review. Remember, you will need to submit your review to Turnitin, which has access to these same reviews.

Title Page: You should include the name of film being reviewed as a title (e.g. Film Review: The Dark Knight) in addition to your name, student ID and class number. The Review: There is no set number of paragraphs, but you should try to adhere to the structure recommended in the lectures. Your thesis and how you feel about the movie should be made clear in the first couple of paragraphs. You should provide a plot summary without giving away too many details, thus spoiling the movie for your audience. This should be followed by an analysis of certain aspects of the film (e.g. acting, directing and cinematography) which you feel were central to the film’s success, failure, or perhaps both.


You should then conclude by going “full-circle”, finding a way to connect elements of your analysis back to the thesis that you introduced at the beginning of your review.  References: As this is a journalistic piece of writing rather than an academic piece of writing, please do not provide a reference list. Do not include in-text citations in your review either. You will be giving your own ideas about various aspects of the film and not referring to the ideas and opinions of others.

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