Movie and Film Studies

Movie and Film Studies

Watch “Nomadland” Write your individual critique and rate your film. You must discuss each of the following categories:-Genre: What genre does this film fit into? Is it an Action film? Drama? Western? Comedy? Romantic Comedy? Did it conform to the norms of this genre?-Actors and Actresses: Figure out who was part of the leading cast and the supporting one. Who were the most memorable characters? What did you think about his or her performance? Was this a role they have played before or something new?-Direction and Camera Work: In your opinion, what were the most meaningful elements of style used to convey the narrative/meaning of the movie.

The camera (angles and movement), lighting (high-key, low-key, star), sound, editing (cut, fade, dissolve, iris-in, iris-out, point of view, 180-rule, narrative rule)? Or a combination of two?-Writing: What did you think of the plot?. Was the narrative formulaic or did it stretch your opinion of what could fit into this genre?-Production: Was this movie a safe bet for the studio? Take into account what the genre was, who the actors and were, the director, the studio, and the writers. If you want to do some more research about what other films they were in a great resource is the Internet Movie Database. What did you think of the film? Have you seen any other films with these actors? With this director? Do you think there was any underlying symbolism?.

In Summary

Theater: What did you think of the theater? Was it a big multi-plex or a smaller independent one? Was it crowded? Did people vocally interact with the film?-Hollywood typecast : Why do you think your film fits into this genre? What characteristics/techniques does it use to fit this style? Think back to your reading and our previous discussions .Taking into account everything you have just outlined and get out your stars and attach as many as you deem necessary to your movie. Describe your evaluation in a 350–400-word review incorporating each of the categories outlined above (ie. genre, actors, and actresses…)**Write an additional 200 words to complete this assignment: Pick from the following list of newspapers and film journals to find 2 additional reviews of your film.

Summarize what the other critic thought of your film and weave this into your discussion. Has this changed your own star-rated evaluation?***Roger Ebert Sun times  Chicago   York Times The Chicago Reader BBC films The Village Voice The film guardian LA Times NPR

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