Final Draft- Expository Essay

Assignment Topic: Final Draft: Expository Essay


Please do the following in completing the final draft of your essay: Revise your expository essay using the feedback received from your instructor on your outline and first draft. Review the rubric for this assignment to ensure you have completed all necessary components of your essay. Your final draft should be at least 750-1,000 words. Complete the following before submitting your final essay: Polish the issues found by smoothing out your language. Run spellcheck and grammar check (as a backup) before submitting the final draft. Make any necessary changes to address spelling or grammar issues. Properly cite your sources both in-text and in the References section at the end of your paper.

 (The Reference Page is the last page of your paper and should ONLY contain references. If you cited the work in the paper; the reference needs to be included. If you did not use the reference in your paper, then do not include the reference.) Make sure that the final draft does not contain any of the instructor’s embedded feedback from your first draft. These comments should have been corrected and the comment should be deleted.  Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. Review the Final Draft Rubric to help you make sure all elements are present in your essay.


Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.  Submit the completed Final Draft to LopesWrite and review your report BEFORE submitting it to your instructor. Make sure your LopesWrite score and finally essay are ready to be submitted BEFORE you select the “Final Submit” option.

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