Final Paper – Discussion

Final Paper

Guidelines for the Final Paper The final paper represents the completion and presentation of the original piece of research you have been working on throughout the course of the semester. Now is the time to put all the pieces together. Your paper should be no less than 12 pages and no more than 18 pages in length (including reference and appendices) and be presented in the style of a professional APA journal article. You should be reviewing the Purdue Owl website located here ( (Links to an external site.)) and found on Canvas. This means it should have the following sections: Abstract — The abstract should be between 150-250 words in length. The abstract stands alone as the second page of your paper and is not indent but should be double-spaced.

It summarizes the main points of your research, including the research question, method, central results and implications. It should be written last, after you have completed the rest of your paper. Be sure to include keywords. For more information see: (Links to an external site.)Introduction — This section is effectively your literature review. It introduces the topic you are researching, cites and discusses the relevant research that has already been conducted on the topic/question, and states the question you are trying to answer. Imagine it like a funnel, which starts broadly but then focuses more specifically, culminating in a research question or hypothesis.

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NOTE THAT APA STYLE DOES NOT PROVIDE A HEADING FOR THIS SECTION. Instead you restate the title, centered at the top, below the header. Methods — This section states what methodological procedures you employed to collect your data. In addition you should discuss any relevant methodological issues such as population and sampling, how variables were operationalized, validity and reliability matters, analytical procedures, etc. Results — This section presents the main or key results of your research. Here is where you walk your reader through any Tables you might have (provided as Appendices) and highlight the relevant data points that help to answer your question or test your hypotheses. Discussion — In this section you discuss your findings and relate them back to the question you were attempting to answer in the course of your literature review.

At that time, you also might discuss the limitations or problems with the data collected. This section also provides a specific conclusion to your paper vis a vis your topic and suggests possibilities for further research. References – Please consult the style guide. If you have questions on a tricky reference let me know. Tables/Figures — They do these as appendices under the APA style guidelines. Only one table or figure per page, and make sure to number and label each one is properly. Note the grading rubric, download which I will also review in class. Part of your grade depends upon how thoughtfully you deal with the substantive issues raised in the various sections of your paper. In addition to content, keep in mind that this is a “(W)” course.

Consequently, the lecturer will evaluate the formal quality of your writing  as well. Be sure to adhere to the APA style guide when crafting your paper.

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