Final Project for Finance – Writing Assignment

Final Project for Finance

To begin with the final project is due in Week 15. The final project should demonstrate understanding of the reading assignments as well as the implications of new knowledge. The 6 – 8-page paper should integrate readings, class discussions, work/life experiences, and what you have learned about finance. The focus of the final project requires that you synthesize your learning and reflection in the context of the course outcomes. The 6 – 8-page paper (not including cover page and references) will consist of an analysis of a publicly traded company that you are interested in investing in. Additionally, you will prepare a PowerPoint Presentation (not less than 6 slides-not including cover and references) that will be presented in the online classroom. Finally you must use a minimum of 5 sources and one source must be extracted from the following: Journal article.

Your report must include at least 2 charts and/or graphs. The final project is due on the last day of class and must be written in APA format; be at least eight (6-8) pages; double-spaced; and in 12-point font. The paper must contain a cover page and reference pages. Do not count the cover and reference pages as part of the six to eight pages. At a minimum, the paper should consist of the following components, be submitted in APA format and include at least five sources (at least one source should be from a scholarly journal).Cover Page Table of Contents PART I Introduction Company Background Information Company Information Name of the company. Location of the company’s headquarters. State which incorporates the company . Profile of the company Sector the company is in. Industry the company is in.

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Identify at least three major competitors. Identify whether or not the company has international operations. Common Stock Information Identify the company’s common stock symbol and the national exchange it trades on. Identify the current market price and date of the company’s common stock. Identify the par value for the company’s common stock. How does the par value compare to the market value? Does par value have any relation to market value? Provide the 52-week high and low value for the common stock. Identify the current dividends on common stock, if any (by quarterly and annual amounts and %.Identify (list the amounts) for: Authorized Shares Issued Shares Outstanding Treasury Shares Preferred Stock Information List the par value if the company has preferred stocks.

Company History PART II Financial Analysis (include the following information along with at least 1 page analyzing the financial performance of the company (i.e. profitability, liquidity, efficiency, etc.)Present Stock Price Price/Earnings Ratio Present Dividend Financial Rating Service Gross Profit Margin and Net Profit Margin Total Debt Sales (3 years / 2017, 2018 and 2019) Net Profit (3 years / 2017, 2018 and 2019)52-week High and Low-Price Ranges (3 years / 2017, 2018 and 2019)SWOT Analysis with Graphical representation Future Growth Prospects Conclusions & Recommendations (i.e., Finally summarize the major findings; Is the company a good investment? Why or why not?)

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