Ethnic / Race Distribution-Findings Assignment

Ethnic / Race Distribution

The table has been added that shows the data. The only tables that need to be looked at is ethnicity/race and V11 stopped by police in public place. Also, I have attached my research proposal where most of the data is.  Findings Assignment  In the section you will provide the description of your sample and the statistical analysis that will test the hypotheses in your research study using the statistical printouts you generated in class or I provided.  This is the FINDINGS section of your final research paper.    Instructions:   1.  Just For this assignment tell me what your hypotheses are (you will not be doing this in the final paper since you will have told me the hypotheses in a prior section): If you are a CRJU 396 student: copy and paste from your original proposal.

   Secondly provide a few sentences and appropriate figures that describe the sample. Firstly what is the gender distribution?. Secondly what are the average, median, and mode of their age?. What is the ethnic distribution?. What is the income distribution?.   3. provide a table and the interpretation of the table for each hypothesis including whether the findings are statistically significant.    Below is a template for the tables you need to provide.  You should provide a table for each of your hypotheses.   The example below uses one of the hypotheses provided in the proposal found in the CLASS MATERIALS folder in BB (PPCS Proposal for Non Methods Students).

In Summary

 Provide the appropriate data/figure/number/percentage using your variablesas presented in the printout you generated or I gave youfor this assignment.   A few reminders when creating and interpreting tables: 1.  Identify the Independent variable (IV) and Dependent variable (DV) in the hypothesis 2.  The IV goes in the Column position and the DV in the Row position 3.  Provide the N/Count for the subjects according to their simultaneous response to IV and DV 4.  Provide the percentage “within the IV” as you see in the printout you generated or I gave you 5. Interpret by comparing the percentages ACROSS the columns (left to right), NOT the rows (NOT UP/DOWN)


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