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Need nearly 15,000 words apart from references. You need to focus on small scale independent takeaways not the big scales ones. Need to be more specific with food industry so am looking for Indian food takeaways or Indian snacks food. Should explain how social media works for every different food takeaways like it works different for Indian food so also it works different for some other food cuisine. Eg – Chinese food depends upon like, Indian takeaways depends upon shares and comments. So I should come up with Indian food should go for X social media marketing, Chinese food should go for Y social media marketing .

Further Description

I should come up with different Food industry- Social Media Marketing plans for different types of food. Should also have customer profile and also industry reports of food sector , with 2-3 objectives, data collection, analysing it. Should have some real time data from industry with articles which could support my topic with proper reference. For analysing data should compulsory used NVIVO for analysing data that is must. Also need to prepare a questionnaire as well as it is my part of research I’ve said I’ll be doing surveys as well. My supervisor feedback = This is an interesting topic but quite broad at this stage.

Instruction- social media marketing

You need to narrow down the influence of social media based on user, transmitter of information, context- so understanding how each of these factors might influence the role of social media. Food marketing depends on lots of sensory signals like colour, smell, label information to show healthiness. You need to bring in these two different streams of literature. Also, it makes sense to study specific food context (like healthy vs. non-healthy). I suggest you explore the reference given below from Journal of Retailing to understand how to conduct customer experiments in food research context.

Then think of using social media manipulations as cues to understand its nuanced influence. Customizing calories: How rejecting (vs. selecting) ingredients leads to lower calorie estimation and unhealthier food choices

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