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Hannah’s Hats’

The purpose of this week’s brainstorming discussions is to address the type of information HH needs to gather in coming up with creative alternatives to use in the MDQ decision making model. Useful information involves researching anything that the decision maker needs to know that might influence the decision making process. This includes experience from past or future situations as well as factual information. Even though the decision maker has no control over future events, information needs to be gathered to anticipate outcomes, consequences or actions when acting on Hannah’s Hats’ alternatives. CREATING ALTERNATIVES: In Building the Decision, the decision maker will create FOUR viable alternatives. The case study mentions several obvious alternatives, such as: Partnering with the investors or increasing E-commerce sales.

However, NONE of these alternatives are strong enough on their own to meet all the objectives HH would like from the decision. Harry must look for ways to combine them with other possibilities to make stronger alternatives. The expectation is to create alternatives that are creative, demonstrate critical thinking. Also use additional research, and meet as many of the objectives as possible. Remember: The alternatives must satisfy as many objectives as possible. Directions: Discuss in one paragraph the type of information that Hannah’s Hats needs to gather to make a decision. Discuss the biases and traps that should be avoided in gathering, selecting, and interpreting information. Watch your predisposition to select information that is in your comfort zone or might lead to a problem solving approach rather than a decision making one.

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Create FOUR possible alternatives for Hanna’s Hats. Discuss each of these alternatives in separate paragraphs by explaining the alternative in detail, pointing out the biases, and potential consequences. Additional research will be required to support their viability. All conclusions, justifications, reasoning, and explanations must be supported with course material in the form of APA in-text citations (page/paragraph numbers required when quoting) and a reference list. Hannah’s Hats: Hannah’s Hats is an online children’s hat retailer with a brick-and-mortar store in Chicago, Illinois. The company has 27 employees and was founded by Harry Hannah in 2015. At that time, Hannah was a single father of 3-year-old twin boys. After five years, sales were $1 million. The company topped $7 million in sales after the winter of 2020.

Hannah’s Story Working as a freelance children’s clothing buyer. Harry could work from home and be a stay at home dad to his twins, Harry, Jr. and Harold. This was important to him and to his wife, Harriet, a software designer whose job involved a great deal of travel. However, on one cold night in November. Harry was contacted by local police who informed him that his wife had been killed in an auto accident. She was returning home after seeing a client in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. Devastated by the news, Harry did everything he could to keep himself together for the kids. He needed help; he decided to send them to day care three days a week so he could deal with getting his new life together.

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Every day Harry noticed the caretakers trying to find the children’s hats and mittens when he came to take the boys home. Harry noticed that many of the children had mitten clips that seemed to help reduce the number of lost mittens. The hats, however, were another matter. Chicago winters are exceptionally bad for children because the wind whips across Lake Michigan and freezes every part of the face that has moisture, especially the mouth. While many of the children’s coats had attached hoods, this was not enough. Parents used wool scarfs tied around the children’s faces (below the eyes) to stop the painful feeling of the cold. The scarves were awkward and bulky for the children who often pulled them off or dropped them in their travels.

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