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Assessment is compulsory for all PSID students on a taught postgraduate programme. Assessment is a reflective research report of no more than 1500 words. This is a formative assessment – which means that you will get feedback and a mark. But it will NOT count towards your final dissertation mark. However, it is REQUIRED (that means you have to do it!). It must must be submitted on this canvas module by 3pm on 25 March 2021 The reports must include both of the following elements, but you can choose the proportion of the word-length between them: 1. A focused introduction that highlights and reflects on questions / issues / arising from your participation in the gender labs and / or your reading.

If you did not attend either of the labs, then you should reflect on something you have read about a gender issue. For example in your reflections you could write about what questions / issues were raised for you, how the experience or reading challenged or reinforced your previous views, and/or how it made you feel.Do not just describe what happened in the workshops. 2. Short analytical discussion of any gender topic. You must base this writing on research from secondary sources – with evidence of reading and referencing academic literature (min 2 refs). You can select a gender topic from the workshops; or one that relates to your programme of study; or another gender topic that is of interest to you.

In summary

For your research you can rely on the recommended reading or find your own via Summon. Remember to add your own observations on the literature you cite rather than merely summarising it. For criteria of marking you can view the rubric under the submission link once it is open. This is intended as a small assignment that should not cause undue stress, but which should nonetheless be taken seriously. We will endeavour to give feedback on the reports very quickly so that you can be reassured about your style of writing and the quality of your analysis.

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