Gender Performance-Related Topic

Gender performance-related topic

Assignment For your research project, you should pick a gender performance-related topic. You’ll research this topic, making sure to track your research journey (what search terms you used, how one source led you to another, etc…), then you will create a project that tells your research story and what you’ve learned from your research. Your project can be in any digital medium you prefer (podcast series, video series, interactive story, social media profile, infographics, etc…) Your first step is to pick a gender performance-related topic—You can research anything related to any type of gender performance and/or anything we’ve discussed/covered this semester; for example, if you’re interested in masculinity you could research the performance of masculinity in WWE wrestling, Drag queens, etc… Your project will have Two Parts:


Research Journey In this part of gender performance, you should trace your research steps for your audience. Turn your research journey into a story of sorts—how did you find your sources?. How did a source lead you to another source?. How did you adjust your search terms and/or research question as you read and found sources?. etc… You should also share with your audience what you learned from your research. This should highlight information from individual sources as well as show how your sources connected with each other, etc… This section should end with a thesis of sorts that sums up what you learned about your topic. You can write this as a blog post or a series of blog posts OR you can create a google slideshow, a PowerPoint, a video, etc… that can be embedded into your blog instead, whichever you prefer.

You should find a variety of sources for gender (5-7 sources total). In addition to the above information making, you will need to include a citation and an evaluation of the source’s appropriateness/credibility for your topic for each source. You can use any type of source: library database articles, magazine articles, videos, podcasts, etc…   PART 2: Research Project Your research project should include information from at least 4-5 sources from Part 1 and may include your own experiences. Your research project can be anything but a traditional academic essay. Instead, you will have a number of options for the format of this research project: video, multi-genre essay, faux social media feed, podcast, photo essay, digital picture book, short documentary, etc… Please Do Not do a traditional essay you can do the number of options I listed above.

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