Global Goals- Persuasive Problem-Solution

Global Goals

Eng-111-OL10G class Assignment Snapshot:  Persuasive Problem-Solution  Research Requirements: 5 to 6 primary or secondary sources Formatting and Citation Style: MLA 8th ed.  Length: 5 + pages Objective:  For this project, you will explore 16 Global Goals to find a goal that you are interested in. Read as much as you can about the goal of your choice. In your exploration, you will see that there are problems that need to be solved in order to meet the goal that has been set for 2030. Check the Targets that the UN has set to reach the goal. You will find solutions there, and then discover places in the world where people are doing something positive, which will lead to meeting the goal for 2030. You will choose your problem from the Global Goals website. The Argument Essay process is like this. Choose a global goal to investigate through the  Global Goals website.

Click on the global goal of your choice to begin reading and discovering and researching the problems and the solutions. Click on the Targets tab to find specific language to help you find solutions for the problem. Follow the links provided on the Global Goals website to gather information Find answers for these questions. What are the UN 17 Global Goals?. Define them and explain them for your readers, when were they established and why were they established). What is the particular goal that you are exploring? (define and explain). Why is this goal important? What are some facts and figures that are interesting about your goal?. What are the targets for your goal? Why does it matter? (There is a pdf for each goal).

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What are some specific solutions that people and organizations are working on to meet this goal?.What are some obstacles to meeting the goals? How can those obstacles be overcome? Use good academic research methods to further explore and find more sources: NC Live How to Use NCLive: The NC LIVE page of the Nash CC LibGuide is a master list of all NC  LIVE-provided resources. To use NC Live if you are not on NCC’s campus, you will need to sign in with your usual username and password.  The links on this page are mapped across all of the category pages. Remember that NCLive is a keyword-based search engine. Please do not type in a question as you would with other search engines.

For example, if you want to know what the causes of global warming are, using the advanced search feature you would type in the keywords “Global warming” in one search field, and “causes” in another search field.   NC LIVE Tutorial Follow the links provided on the Global Goals website to other websites. Explore Global for current news stories that may relate to the solutions for your global goal. 6. Take notes as you go.

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