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GME having a negative impact on the trading communities (Wall Street Bets)- Academic sources

Students must cite or refer to at least five (5) academic sources, of which no more than two (2) can be from the course assigned readings. (Course assigned readings do not have to be used; all five academic sources can be from outside of the course.) An academic source can include an article from a peer-reviewed journal. A chapter from a text published by a university or scholarly press, etc. If students are unsure as to whether a source can be considered sufficiently academic, they should ask the instructor to confirm its acceptability. Non-academic sources like newspaper articles or blog entries can also be used but will not count towards the minimum number of academic sources that must be included in the paper.

Further Description

Instructions: Students are to write a research paper on a chosen theme or topic from the course, establishing a research objective or hypothesis and exploring it using the appropriate tools (e.g., literature review and content analysis) in order to draw conclusions that follow from their research. Papers will be evaluated according to the following criteria (in order of importance):rigor and attention in pursuing the research objective or hypothesis on the chosen theme or topic and persuasiveness in drawing the conclusions (whether these are definitive or indeterminate) from their research; relevance, use, and explication of academic sources.

That is, how judiciously they choose and faithfully they reconstruct the scholarly literature on the chosen theme or topic. Demonstrating that they have undertaken a studied engagement of the course material. In addition external scholarship through quotes, paraphrases, etc. Quality of writing, as reflected both in the attention to proofreading, editing, citations, etc. To limit typographical, grammatical, and other errors. Also in the observance of the assignment’s formal and technical requirements, e.g., citation style, spacing and margins, etc.

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