French Revolution-Goodyear’s Involvement in World War 2

Goodyear’s Involvement in World War 2

The kind of writing you will be doing on this assignment may be different than the kind of writing to which you are used. A fundamental requirement will be that it contain a thesis statement in the first paragraph, and that the thesis statement will be used as a structure for the paper. Papers which do not meet both of these requirements will get scores with which you will not be happy. THE THESIS A thesis statement is a concise sentence that describes exactly what your paper will be proving. It is an outline of the argument you will be making throughout the text, and thus also serves as a structure upon which the rest of your essay will hang.

It is not to be confused with a topic statement. Which is a sentence describing what the topic of the paper will be in general terms. For example, suppose the topic you choose is. What were the most important causes of the French Revolution?” (it won’t be, but play along).

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The following would be unsatisfactory for a thesis statement. “This paper will discuss the various causes of the French Revolution.” This sentence is a topic statement. It does not outline what your arguments are, nor does it provide a structure for the rest of your essay. A thesis statement, on the other hand, will look something like this. “This paper will demonstrate that the main causes for the French Revolution were the isolation of the French nobility. Governmental indebtedness caused by costly wars, and political sabotage brought about by small, plaid aliens from Zandor-5.” This sentence meets the basic requirements of a clear thesis statement. It contains the main arguments of the paper in a concise manner and provides a structure for the rest of your essay. THE BODY Just because your thesis statement follows the required form does not mean you are off the hook.

Presumably, your following paragraphs in turn will deal with the nobility, indebtedness, and plaid aliens. You may use more than one paragraph to discuss any of these arguments, but each paragraph should deal with one and only one argument at a time. Putting more than one idea in a paragraph creates a messy, ill-reasoned argument and, therefore, a bad paper. This thesis statement also brings up another point. Well reason your argument will be well- and supportable with the available evidence. The main point of a writing assignment such as this is to assess your ability to research and sort through primary and secondary sources, and apply the factual information you gather in a meaningful way. There is no single “right” answer to this question, but there are plenty of wrong answers.

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