Google Analytics and Google Ad -Certification Assignment

Google Analytics and Google Ad Certification Assignment

Google Analytics and Google Ad Certification .A crucial part to this process is the ability to correctly analyze data in order to make the best business descisions for a brand. To make sure our class is familiar with some of the parctical applications of digital marketings, we will have an assignment that covers Google Analytics and  Ad certifications, which are two of the most popular tools nowadays.  Therefore there are 4 parts to this assignment . Firstly A- Google Analytics and  Ad Certification and report . Consequently the certifications are in the below links: Google Analytics for beginners:  Ad display: Complete the two certification programs and then upload your certificate of one Google Analytics for beginners .(2.5 points) AND also one  Ad Display certification program (2.5 points).

Further guidelines

Write a 500-word experience report on your use of the  Analytics Academy and Ads program. The report should include the following aspects (5 points). 1.  How confident you feel about learning and mastering the skills in Google Analytics and ads after taking the certificate?  How much time in total did it take you to complete each program?  2.  As a user, what do you like and don’t like about the video demonstration and other teaching materials used in the program?  If you are not in a class requiring this for points in class, will you complete the program?  What do you think about the assessments?  Are they too difficult or too easy or just right?  How many times did you take the assessment to get the certificate? 3.

  Did you feel the programs meet your needs as an aspiring audience researcher/advertising professional? Why and why not? 4.  Compare the Analytics Academy Academy and the Ads program, which one do you like more and why?  Explain your opinion. 5.  Will you want to do more of the programs on Skillshop by your own choice without class requirement, why or why not?   6. How can Google Analytics Certification help you when you work in the field of digital marketing?   B- In-depth interview (5 points)  The in-depth interview report should be at least 500 words. Example format: Interviewer Name: Date of interview: Interviewee characteristics: And finally   Age, Gender, Major, Class Standing (for students)

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