Graduate Students – American higher education system

Graduate Students -American higher education system

To begin with for this essay we are going to focus on Russia and Filipinos. The University name is University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. The Cameron School of Business (CSB) is devising a short-term plan. The plan will increase graduate student enrollment in its MBA, MSA, and MSF programs. As a part of this initiative, the CSB has decided to actively engage in international student recruitment once the pandemic is over.  American higher education system is well-known for quality of graduate education around the globe. On  the other hand Cameron School of Business has not traditionally targeted the international student populations. This is in its student recruitment campaigns. Dr. Beena George, the former Dean of the CSB, once said that she believes that this initiative can benefit CSB and UST by leveraging the global interest in the American higher education system.

In her words, “Despite the recent changes in trends, many international students are still interested in US higher education system and the quality education that it offers. CSB needs to play a more active role to gain its fair share of this market. “Considering the limited resources at hand, CSB needs to take a systematic approach in selecting its target student populations in one or two specific countries. As a part of your responsibility to contribute to this plan, please use a systematic analytic approach to collect data, and analyze the relevant information about two countries (one from the list and one outside of the list). Your analysis is supposed to help CSB prioritize its efforts to increase international graduate enrollment.

In Summary

As graduate students, it is your task to use sound judgment to select and use the appropriate business analysis tools. Also to provide a relevant and comprehensive comparative analysis. For example, as a part of your analysis, you can compare and contrast these countries across multiple relevant dimensions (education systems, cultural trends, characteristics of student populations, economic factors, etc.) to finally suggest which one should CSB focus on. Finally for this assignment please research the economic factors and also cultural trends for Russia and Filipinos.

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